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MOBILE PHONE REPAIR - We will provide an expert phone repair service and help you to get your mobile handset back in perfect working order. We believe in giving you a quality service and make sure that the parts which are being replaced are exceedingly high quality. We repair all makes and models including All iPhones, HTC, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Xperia, LG, even you unbranded handsets. Get a FREE Online Quote now using the form on the right ⇒

MOBILE PHONE UNLOCKING - We offer phone unlocking for all mobile phone makes and models. You might have been given the latest iPhone handset as a gift and discovered it won't work on your network because of the manufacturers restrictions. Don't worry, we can unlock your phone to it works anywhere on any network. Get a FREE Online Quote now using the form on the right ⇒

Mobile Repair UK, 68 High Street, Runcorn (Old Town), Cheshire, WA7 1AW, United Kingdom

Telephone: 01928 576601

Mobile Phone Repair

We're a proud team of skilled technicians who have been fixing mobile phones for over ten years. We repair all phones such as Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Blackberry, and many more. Our professional phone repair services are available to mobile phone users across the United Kingdom.

Mobile Phone Unlocking

Mobile phone unlocking is quite a confusing subject and there is quite a lot of out of date and incorrect info about this online. We can unlock your phone remotely depending on the make and model of your mobile phone handset and where this isn't possible our technicians can do this manually once we have received your phone in the post. If you have any questions about unlocking click here or call us on 01928 576601 we look forward to hearing from you!

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