Mobile Phone Repair Service

mobile repair serviceAre you looking for someone to get your mobile phone fixed? Well look no further, we make the whole process easy for you!

Our engineers will endeavour to repair mobile phones on site and within 24 hours (Unless otherwise specified). If the fault is more complicated we may need to send for additional parts & components from the manufacturer which will increase the timescale.

Your manufacturers warranty does not cover any fault that has occurred due to physical or liquid damage. Some examples of non-warranty faults include moisture damage, smashed LCD screens, damaged power switches or security lock codes.If your handset is water or liquid damaged then we can also carry out a repair subject to the extent of the damage. We accept handsets that manufacturers don`t touch due to the mobile phone being deemed out of warranty.

Our store is located at Mobile Repair UK, 68 high street , Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 1AW , United Kingdom maybe you would prefer to pop into the shop and get the job done. Most phones can be repaired same day and cost is normally cheaper as we don't have to post the phone back to you.

If your mobile phone has no reception at all, or intermittent/weak reception then this might be deemed as a suspected signal fault. We would also advise checking your handset with a different sim card from a different network if your handset is unlocked to narrow down this fault to a signal fault rather than the outcome of your handset being blacklisted due it being reported lost, stolen or no bill payment. This will waste our time at your expense.

We offer many different types of mobile phone repairs, on many different types of mobile phones.

We pride ourselves on our work, and have been fixing customers phones for over 15 years now.

Because we also supply the latest repair equipment worldwide you can rest easily knowing that we know what we are doing. We are trustworthy, established, both online and on the high street. Please view our Customer Reviews.

Note: Our mobile phone repair services are only available to UK customers.

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